From $7.25 Rhode Island Hybrid Day Old Chick Sexed Vaccinated Mareks

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One to three-day-old sexed chick (please refer to the Chicken Care information available on our website).

Key features:

  • Heritage-based utility bird (lays approximately 330 eggs per year)
  • Light red in colour with some white feathers, yellow legs
  • Sexed (Please note that these chicks are sexed using the colour-sexing technique. This technique is a safe option and delivers up to 99.5% accuracy)
  • Commence laying at approximately 18 weeks
  • Brown egg, approximately 65gm in size
  • Five-year lifespan
  • 115gm per day feed consumption.
  • Vaccinated for Mareks (Rispens). Additional vaccinations for fowl pox, Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis and salmonella available on request for orders over 500 chicks.
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