From $3.50 Cobb / Ross Cornish cross Day Old Meat Chick Unsexed

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One to three-day-old UNSEXED chick, NOT suitable for laying eggs (please refer to the Chicken Care information available on our website).

Key features:

  • Commercial broiler (meat chicken, not for laying eggs)
  • White in colour
  • Unsexed
  • Dispatch at 6-8 weeks in controlled environment (3.5kg liveweight)
  • Dispatch at 8-10 weeks pastured/free-range (3.5kg liveweight)
  • Feed conversation ratio in ideal circumstances 3kg feed:1kg liveweight (minimum 20% protein feed required)
  • All birds should be processed by 12 weeks of age.
  • Vaccinated for Mareks (Rispens).
    Additional vaccinations for fowl pox, Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis and salmonella available on request for orders over 500 chicks.
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