Welcome to WA Chickens – Ethical Chickens for Ethical Farmers

WA Chickens is a purveyor of quality day-old chicks all year round.

Located in the southwest of Western Australia and run by Farmer Stu, a man who has been passionate about poultry since he was eight years of age, WA Chickens prides itself on providing an unmatched level of quality and care in the provision of day-old poultry for a range of purposes.

Focusing primarily on commercial pastured-poultry growers, providing ethical chickens for ethical farmers, Stu and WA Chickens supply wholesale stock with back-up support to ensure that your chicken endeavours are as successful as possible.

We hatch and sell both egg-laying and paddock-to-plate poultry breeds with a focus on sustainable practices. Our key phrase here at WA Chickens is ‘hybrid vigour’ – bringing out the best of heritage breeds to deliver high egg production, low food consumption, health and longevity.

In addition to our main pick-up location in Capel, WA, we do regular delivery runs to Perth, WA (pick-up locations in Midland and Byford) and those with larger commercial orders can get in touch to discuss direct delivery. We look forward to working alongside you in your poultry journey.